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Choosing the right entrance door for your home is essential, your front door creates the first impression and the all important kerb appeal.

Window Security provided by Stroud Windows

The Ultimate & Tricpet windows supplied by Stroud Windows, has been refined and designed to protect you and your home and provide you with total reassurance and peace of mind.

The locking technology at the heart of every casement window incorporates 10 security features
(subject to casement size).

A total of 10 locks, in all four directions

  • 2 x steel shoot bolts
  • 4 x central mushroom bolts
  • 2 x high security stainless steel friction stays
  • 2 x steel 15mm anti-jemmy bolts (optional)

Window Security


Made to Measure

All Ultimate window and door profiles are produced 70mm in depth, often the same depth as conventional wooden windows.
Because of this, Ultimate frames are more likely to provide a direct replacement for the windows that have been removed and will refit up against existing plaster lines for a neater finish.

Advanced Compression

Internal and external gaskets are fused to all sections which will prevent the seals shrinking over time.
A 9mm ‘flipper’ seal compresses against the glass sealed unit to ensure ultimate weather protection. The seal remains in-line with the profiles to enhance the finished appearance.

Chambered Profile

The PVC-u profiles have internal chambers that will not only help improve thermal performance but can also include metal reinforcing as and when specified to add rigidity and strength to the frame.

Built to Last

Manufactured from 3mm Grade-A PVC-u, Ultimate profiles guarantee a consistent, superb surface finish.
An internally sloped surface directs any water penetration away from the window via a built-in drainage route.

Door Security provided by Stroud Windows

For your security, all Ultimate doors are fitted with a unique 12/14 point multi-lock. Simply by lifting the handle upwards, all 12/14 lock features are engaged.

Door Security from Stroud Windows

Anti-manipulation Cylinder

To prevent cylinder manipulation, Ultimate entrance doors are fitted with the unique Magnum Superior cylinder and then key locked shut.
The Magnum Superior cylinder is Kitemarked and surpasses all of today’s security requirements and for your convenience all Ultimate doors are supplied with 5 keys as standard.


Stroud Windows Door Security 12/14 Point Lock
2 x top and bottom shoot bolts.
3 x outer/inner facing hook locks.
2 x dead-locks.
1 x centre locking latch.
4/6 x roller cams.
Stroud Windows Door Security Shoot-bolts
For maximum security all doors have shoot-bolts top and bottom. Simply by lifting the handle upwards, the shoot-bolts as well as all other lock features are engaged.
Stroud Windows Door Security Compression
Ultimate doors include 4/6 roller-cams (dependant on door height) which ensure a tight seal when the door is closed.
Stroud Windows Door Security Hinges
3 high security, anti-lift hinges. Colour coordinated to profile.

Stroud Windows


In order to cater for the diverse mix of property styles and consumer preferences, windows and doors are now available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

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