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Great Quality


Choosing the right entrance door for your home is essential, your front door creates the first impression and the all important kerb appeal.

Bi-Fold Doors from Stroud Windows

The bi-folding door meets the demands of contemporary living and combines this with beauty and practical functionality. These aesthetically pleasing door panels are configured into a number of concertina folds that can be pulled back to offer optimum versatility,light and access into any room.

Where an opening or partition is required between rooms,whether a small or large room,or where your home leads onto a patio or outside area and you want to extend your view of the garden, the Bi fold door is ideal for these applications. Bi-fold doors create a synergy between rooms of all shapes and sizes to seamlessly connect your living space whether indoors or out doors.

Bi Fold Doors - Kent - Stroud Windows


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In order to cater for the diverse mix of property styles and consumer preferences, windows and doors are now available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

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